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Revolution Air Nano - Mango Peach: Eco Friendly Disposable Vape Pod

Revolution Air Nano - Mango Peach: Eco Friendly Disposable Vape Pod

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Delight in the tropical blend of Mango Peach from Revolution Air Nano, a flavor that merges the succulence of mangoes with the sweetness of peaches in an eco-friendly vape experience.

- Elegant and Handy: Compact size of 110 x 16mm, ideal for on-the-go use.

- Green Materials: Crafted from recyclable components such as plastic, metal, silicone, and cardboard.

- Durable Battery Performance: Comes with a 400mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

- Ample E-Liquid Provision: 3ml capacity with a balanced 50VG/50PG ratio.

- Optimized Nicotine Level: Contains 20mg of nicotine for a smooth vaping sensation.

- Extensive Puff Capability: Capable of up to 1,000 puffs.

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Biodegradable Materials
1,000 Puffs
2% Salt-Nic
400 mAh Battery
3 mL Premium E-Liquid
99.26% Recyclable

Sustainable Vaping Approach:

- Exceptionally Recyclable: 99.26% recyclable, a leader in sustainable vaping.

- Majorly Biodegradable: Composed of 99% biodegradable materials, decreasing environmental harm.

- Minimal Component Design: 36% fewer components, reducing ecological footprint.

- Lowered Landfill Impact: Produces 38% less landfill waste, aiding in environmental protection.

- Rapid Recycling Time: Built for 57% quicker recycling, promoting green practices.

Frozen Pineapple in the Revolution Air Nano range offers a refreshing tropical flavor, combining delightful taste with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Compact size for portability.
  • Eco-friendly construction materials.
  • 400mAh battery for durability.
  • 3ml e-liquid capacity with balanced VG/PG.
  • 20mg nicotine strength for smoothness.
  • Up to 1,000 puffs per device.
  • High recyclability and biodegradability.
  • Reduced environmental footprint with fewer components and less landfill waste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ethan Taylor

Two weeks in with the Air Nano, and it's flawless! No spitting issues here – a game-changer from my previous struggles.

William Carter

Durable, sleek, and timeless design!!

Kaitlyn Green

Air Nano rocks! Almost all recyclable, good for Earth!


What is the puff count for the Revolution Air Nano, and how does it compare to other vapes?

The Revolution Air Nano offers up to 1,000 puffs per device, showcasing its efficiency and lasting use compared to many other disposable vapes on the market.

How does the Revolution Air Nano disposable vape contribute to environmental sustainability?

It's made from 99% biodegradable materials and is 99.26% recyclable, reducing environmental harm.

Are the packaging materials for the Revolution Air Nano disposable pen recyclable?

Yes, the packaging is fully recyclable, aligning with its eco-friendly design.

What is the shipping policy for the Revolution Air Nano disposable?

For specific shipping details, refer to the official shipping policy page.

What is the refund policy if I'm not satisfied with the Revolution Air Nano disposable?

Check the refund policy page for information on returns and refunds.