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Who We Are

Hi! Welcome to Smoke Vape Revolution, where every member of our team is committed to reshaping the vaping industry with eco-friendly vapes. Our products, crafted from high-grade cardboard, silicone, metal, and plastic, are beyond ordinary vapes - they personify our passion for a healthier, greener future.

At Smoke Vape Revolution, we believe in giving vaping enthusiasts responsible options without sacrificing performance or style. Come, join us on our path to revolutionizing the vaping experience with high-quality vapes that prioritize your pleasure and our planet.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is clear: we want to deliver a guilt-free vaping experience, reducing negative environmental impact without compromising quality or style. We are dedicated to creating vapes that are 99.26% recyclable and recoverable and reflect our commitment to a sustainable future.

Uncompromised Safety

Safety is one of our core values at Smoke Vape Revolution, and our eco-vapes go beyond the idea of sustainability and delve into your well-being. With 99.26% recyclable and recoverable materials, we ensure every puff is free from harmful substances.

Our vapes boast 70% less waste production, 36% fewer components, and 38% less landfill waste - our testament to the unwavering commitment to your safety and our planet’s health. From now on, enjoy vaping without compromise.

Quality Crafted

Precision-crafted, our brand is a beacon of quality in the vaping industry. Each product features 81% more high-grade cardboard to make sure you get only a superior-quality product aligned with our adherence to sustainability. We proudly offer a vaping experience that meets your expectations and exceeds them. Join us as we set a new standard for quality vapes with our eco-vapes.

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Supporting Veterans

While we strive to provide top-of-the-line eco-friendly vapes at affordable prices, we do not forget our responsibilities to society. A portion of our proceeds goes directly toward supporting veterans. It is our expression of gratitude to those who have served our country.

When you choose Smoke Vape Revolution, you not only contribute to a greener world but also support the brave people who have sacrificed a lot for our nation and freedom. Let us make a positive impact in their lives and the planet that houses us - one vape at a time.