What is an Eco-Friendly Vape? All You Need to Know

What is an Eco-Friendly Vape? All You Need to Know

An eco-friendly vape is what the name suggests - a vaping device that does not harm the environment. To understand it, we need to understand what caused it to emerge.

The vaping industry’s exponential growth is praiseworthy. Its idea of helping smokers quit smoking is exemplary, but in doing so, it overlooked a critical point - its contribution to environmental waste and pollution.

The sale of disposable vapes between 2020 and 2021 increased from $261.9 million to $267.1 million. It is good news for the market, but our eco-conscious minds also find it troublesome. Why?

Disposable vapes are plastic-made, and plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose. Even then, it may get smaller and smaller but not disappear. The USA throws 4.5 disposable vapes every second, and the annual vape waste stretches over 7,000, becoming a growing concern. How can the industry reduce its carbon footprint and environmental harm without curbing the solution to smoking cessation?

Enter eco vape, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposables developed by eco-conscious vaping connoisseurs to change the world. These devices are unique and designed to reduce the pollution of disposable vapes. So, what makes them eco-friendly?

  • They are Recyclable: Eco-friendly vapes are 99.26% recyclable and recoverable.
  • They are Biodegradable: High-grade cardboard shells make them 99% biodegradable.

Eco vapes like the Air Ultra contain 36% fewer components than the average device, reducing the vape waste generated. With a near-perfect recyclability score, these devices take 57% less time to recycle than other vapes.

The Problem with Traditional Disposables

One of the primary issues with disposables is e-waste. People throw away disposable vapes instead of recycling them. It results in an influx of non-biodegradable materials in oceans and landfills.

Although disposable, they house various valuable components that can be recycled and repurposed. Recycling and repurposing them can help preserve more natural resources.

The lack of recycling capability is another problem with disposable vapes. For instance, you cannot separate and recycle most components inside these devices., especially if they are sealed. Some may enable separating the plastic, metal, and cotton to recycle them separately.

Many vape stores allow recycling, so you can return the used vapes for them to recycle. Some even provide secure battery recycling points in their stores.

Eco-friendly vapes offer a more sustainable option that is easier to recycle and reuse. Switching to eco vapes can help you reduce the environmental impact.

As vapers, you are doing an amazing job by not smoking cigarettes and dumping the butts in the ecosystem. Cigarette butts go into the earth and the oceans, affecting us and the marine life. It’s time to contribute to a greener, cleaner planet where we and the younger generations can live better.

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