Most Popular Eco-Friendly Disposable Nicotine Vapes for 2024

Trending Disposable Nicotine Vapes 2023

The vaping industry has seen cutting-edge innovation over the years, especially with the advent of disposable vapes. Disposable vapes, as we know them now, offer way too many reasons to attract the vaping community’s attention. High puff count in a pen-like device and nicotine personalization are a few to name.

Those looking for a premium nicotine vaping experience are in the right place. We will look at the best disposable nicotine vapes in this blog. Also, explore the first-ever eco-vape range in the U.S. by

America’s First Eco-Friendly Nicotine Disposable Vapes

  • Air Ultra (8,000 Puffs - 18 Flavors - 50 mg Nicotine)

Bringing the biggest puff count first, we introduce you to the Air Ultra. It offers up to 8,000 puffs of pure vaping bliss, where every puff packs 50 mg of nicotine salts for easy satisfaction. A 650 mAh rechargeable battery ensures extended sessions, whether you’re at home or at a friend’s.

Choose from 18 delightful flavors, including the popular Lush Ice and Strawberry Lychee and the unique Triple Apple Ice and Blue Raz Lemon.

  • Air Plus (5,000 Puffs - 16 Flavors 50 mg Nicotine)

Like its elder Air Ultra, Air Plus has 50 mg of salt-nic for that satiating throat hit. Air Plus comes in 16 different flavors and provides up to 5,000 puffs, becoming the perfect companion wherever you go. Enjoy days or even weeks of vaping.

Savor every moment with exciting flavors like Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Peach, Blueberry Ice, and Cool Mint. Keep vaping with a 400 mAh rechargeable battery.

  • Air Elite (3,500 Puffs - 15 Flavors 50 mg Nicotine - Non-Rechargeable)

Next on our list is Air Elite. Unlike its brethren, it is non-rechargeable. Fret not because it offers up to 3,500 puffs with its generous 8 mL e-liquid capacity powered by a 1,300 mAh non-rechargeable battery. You probably didn’t see that coming.

50 mg of potent salt nicotine ensures you enjoy that familiar throat hit on the go without the harmful toxins of cigarettes. Pick your favorites from 15 mouth-watering flavors, from timeless Vintage Tobacco to cooling Double Mint.

  • Air Nano (1,000 Puffs - 16 Flavors - 20 mg Nicotine)

Air Nano is one of the most popular nicotine vapes you will find. Youngest in the group by puff count but equally surpassing expectations, Air Nano’s 1,000 puffs make it ideal for that weekend escapade or a brief tour around the state.

Its 20 mg salt-nic packs enough punch for those seeking to satisfy their cravings while cutting down on nicotine addiction. Whether you’ve been looking for Frozen Pineapple or Mango Peach, there is something for everyone.

Compact and portable, Air Nano may just be the nicotine disposable vape you’ve been meaning to pocket.

What Makes Our Eco-Vapes Different from Traditional Disposables?

Right off the bat, our devices are 99.26% recyclable, which is nearly perfect for a premium vaping experience without making a negative environmental impact. Every unit is 99% biodegradable, produces 70% less waste, and takes 57% less time to recycle.

We are part of an increasingly eco-conscious community, and our goal is to deliver the same or even better quality vaping experience while helping you cut down the carbon footprint.

All our devices are made of high-grade cardboard, silicone, metal, and biodegradable plastic that go back into nature and prevent excessive waste production like conventional disposable vapes.

Choosing an eco-vape is a small but significant step toward a sustainable future. Like we say:

Vaping is our choice, but saving the planet is our obligation.

We stand true to the passion of vaping, catering to a remarkable vaping experience for every vaper. We simplify your switch to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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